Star Clipper Presale Price Guarantee 2013

If you’re like us, you have a love/hate relationship with Amazon: you love everything about it, except the fact that your dollars are being spent so far outside your community.

We think we may have a solution. In 2013 Star Clipper is offering an Amazon Presale Price Guarantee for graphic novels!

What does that mean, exactly? You can walk right in and pre-purchase any graphic novel not yet released, and we will match Amazon’s listed price at the time of sale. A deposit will be created under your account and redeemed against the book when it arrives. Don’t have an account with us? We’ll help set one up so you can take advantage of this offer. Simple!

Star Clipper’s Presale Price Guarantee is in effect now! This promotion is valid in-store only. Call us at (314) 725-9110 or email with any questions.

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